Life at Ritchie Bros: working in Customer Service.

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Bonnie Conley, Senior Customer Service Manager

Bonnie excels in Ritchie Bros.' Customer Service Department.

We sat down with Bonnie Conley, Senior Customer Service Manager at our Los Angeles (Perris), California auction site, to get a behind-the-scenes look at what it's like making a difference every day with customers.

You've been with Ritchie Bros. for 11 years. Tell us about the kind of relationships you've built over that time.

I have built some well-established relationships with customers. For example, I have one customer who will ask for me by name and he will hold on the phone, if I am not available. ,. This customer has been doing business with Ritchie Bros. before I walked in the door. As a Customer Service Manager (CSM), you establish trust and aspire to build a strong rapport.

The CSM is usually the first impression made by Ritchie Bros. What's your customer service philosophy?

Ask yourself: what's your expectations of how you want to be treated? Be relatable. Make them feel that they count; that they are important. Customers will come in and feel like they aren't as important because of the volume of business, but it's never the case. You make it known each person is equally important. We are all very personable and approachable..

Bonnie leads her customer service team

How would you describe the Ritchie Bros. culture among CSM's?

I tell folks all the time: the CSM community is one of the greatest because at no point have I experienced a CSM – be it here or across the country – that was unwilling to help. It is unbelievable the camaraderie and the mutual enjoyment of helping each other. It is a great group of people to work with. This type of work culture spills over to the relationship with your customers.

What part of being a CSM gives you the most satisfaction?

A combination of loving what I do, the customer interactions, a job well done, being able to resolve something to a customer's satisfaction and having that relationship where a customer trusts you to get the job done. It's a little bit of it all.

Ritchie Bros. offers a fulfilling career in customer service

We aspire to change the lack of diversity within the heavy equipment industry, are we making a difference?

I believe in Ravi (Ritchie Bros. CEO Ravi Saligram) and the direction he wants to take the company in. I know there are women who are interested in male-dominated positions. Our core value, of being committed to diversity and inclusion, has created a culture where not just women but everyone has the same opportunities to be successful.; Anything's possible – I always tell my kids that.

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