Life at Ritchie Bros.: working in Technology.

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Life at Ritchie Bros.: working in Technology

Sherry thrives in Ritchie Bros.' IT department. You can too!

We sat down with Sherry, a Lead Systems Analyst, to discover how she developed her tech career at Ritchie Bros.' corporate head office.

Why did you join Ritchie Bros.?

A friend and former co-worker had joined Ritchie Bros. and they spoke very highly of the company. After the office where I worked at for 17 years closed, Ritchie Bros. called me and asked if I wanted to help with a project they were working on. It was going to be a six-week gig. That was four years ago!

What are you passionate about in your work?

I'm passionate about Business Analysis. In 2014, I got my certificate in Business Analysis from the University of British Columbia and in 2015, I received my Certified Business Analysis Professional designation from the International Institute of Business Analysis. Here at Ritchie Bros., we use the job titles Systems Analysis, Functional Analysis, and Business Analysis. All of these roles have a place in helping the company make good decisions – understanding what the opportunities are so that the resources that we put toward the solutions are well spent.

"All of the (tech) challenges we have at Ritchie Bros. are good challenges to have. They all stem from the fact that we are growing."

That's a wonderful place to be. So, how do we take the things we know, the people and the systems we have, and do our best at work? Business Analysis helps us do that. It's an exciting and interesting process to be a part of.

A rewarding career working in IT at Ritchie Bros.

What's it like being a woman working in tech?

I've worked in technologies for my entire career and it's always been dominated by men. Gender should be a moot point, but there are so many places where it's still a big issue.

At Ritchie Bros., women are encouraged and supported. We still have more men than women in our department, but the company is aware of this and they make it a point to seek out equal opportunity. In fact, our CIO, Marianne Marck, is a very talented woman. One of the tenets at Ritchie Bros. is that "We do what is right." This is an example of that. It's the right thing to recognize and grow talent regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, etc.

A great example of this is the Hackathon. The organizers went to extra lengths to make sure that women knew that their participation in the event was welcome. A small thing that can make a big difference is the t-shirt experience.

"It doesn't matter how much an organization talks about women belonging. If you are handed a company t-shirt that doesn't fit – the message is literally 'You don't fit here. You don't belong here."

The Hackathon organizers made sure that they had t-shirts for women that we could wear comfortably, so we can move past that and onto making awesome software – which is something we're good at.

Interested in putting your skills to use at a company heavily investing in technological innovation? Make a difference at Ritchie Bros. and join the IT department.

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