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Sell equipment online on Ritchie Bros.’ Markeplace-E

Accelerate your used equipment sale with market-based, data-driven pricing.

More and more equipment sellers are selling quicker and for better returns on Marketplace-E – our 24/7 online marketplace – with our market-based, data-driven price guidance. When you sell via this solution, our robust equipment industry analytics deliver accurate price guidance to accelerate the sale and maximize results. This guidance is derived from over $25 billion worth of transactional data pulled from across the used equipment marketplace.

Hit that sales sweet spot

Marketplace-E sits in the price and timing sweet spot between Retail and Auction. Our price guidance will help accelerate your equipment sale while getting you the best price possible. Equipment sellers benefit from:

  • Faster sale: 2x faster time to sell (23 days vs 44 days avg time to sell)
  • Better price: 20-25% price premium (over auction price)
  • More items sell: 2x higher likelihood to sell (60% of items successfully transact within 30 days vs 30% without price guidance)

Here’s an example of price guidance at work on Marketplace-E

2011 Caterpillar 336EL hydraulic excavator

Heavy equipment for sale online on Ritchie Bros.’ Markeplace-E


Retail Value:  $75,400

Marketplace-E Price:  $72,400

Auction Value:  $62,100

  • Longest time to sell
  • Lowest likelihood of sale
  • Highest price
  • Faster time to sell vs retail
  • Higher likelihood of sale vs retail
  • Price premium vs auction
  • Fastest time to sell
  • Certainty of sale
  • Wide price range


As a seller on Marketplace-E, your consignment is poised for success with buyer outreach via our multi-lingual Marketplace-E Specialists, prominent website placement and specialized marketing, and the added advantage of price guidance to give your items that competitive edge.

The Marketplace-E price guidance advantage

  • Pricing calculated using actual transaction data
  • Designed to sit in the sweet spot between Retail (private transaction) and Auction (unreserved)
  • Based on the last 90 days of market data, providing a reliable reflection of the current market
  • Includes finely tuned data-driven adjustments for a machine’s unique attributes - Meter, Spec, and Location
  • Provides confidence in the results you can expect - data-driven & built to transact

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