Trucks haul Ritchie Bros.' big Orlando auction to the finish line.

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Rollin' to the finish: trucks highlight final day of Orlando 2018.

Rollin' to the finish: trucks highlight final day of Orlando 2018.

The final stretch of the Orlando auction is usually a multi-wheeled affair. Truck tractors dominated Friday, with a steady-stream of nearly 500 big-wheeled movers hitting the ramp as auctioneers breathlessly sold lot after lot.

Today, the sixth and final day, will feature reefer trucks, van trucks, bucket trucks, vans, and pick-ups, which will be the last lots to roll through Orlando February 2018. Many among the Ritchie Bros. staff and customers will watch that last truck go by with grateful, bleary eyes.

Why customers choose Ritchie Bros.' big Orlando event.

When it comes to Orlando, we talk (endlessly?) about equipment and the massive amount of lots we sell. Sometimes it gets lost that we are here for our customers, first and foremost. We went out into the yard and spoke with customers about their experience buying and selling with Ritchie Bros.

Olen Harvey of Neway Truck Sales & Leasing Inc.

"I love this February sale because it's so huge and there's so many buyers," said Olen Harvey of Neway Truck Sales & Leasing Inc. "Plus, with the internet you're all over the world—a lot of stuff is exported. There's a market here for everyone."

Raul Munilla of M C M.

"Ritchie Bros. is so convenient," said Raul Munilla of M C M. "You can find just about any piece of equipment that you need, for any specific job at their Orlando auction. And if for some reason you can't find it in Orlando, you can locate it through the Ritchie Bros. network around the world."

Alton Hutto of Lad Construction

"We've attended a lot of Ritchie Bros. auctions—it's an amazing outfit from top to bottom," said Alton Hutto of Lad Construction. "I have never met a group of people from anywhere in the world that were more professional than Ritchie Bros. They make you feel like family when they're working with you."

Stay tuned for Monday – the big reveal!

We've been teasing you with stats and records all week. Check back Monday when we issue the final numbers. Will it be our largest auction ever? What will be the most expensive item sold in the auction? How will we do this all again next February?

Sunset image or Orlando 2018

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